The community engagement plan that follows is a guideline to help the OSS, the City of Vancouver, and the Stakeholders understand the communication strategy and the measures to connect with the community. The document will structure the Pre-Race Communication Plan, the Event Impact Mitigation Measures, and the Post-Race Strategy.

Pre-Race Communication Plan

Information meetings

Meeting 1
• Civil Works Planning
• New Concord Community Park improvements and planning
• Build and Derig Schedule
• Track walk (From 4:00pm to 6:30pm)

Meeting 2
• Build and Derig review
• Emergency Protocols
• Alternative parking and shuttle details
• City Gate Tower 1 Vehicle Accreditation Process
• Residents VIP Paddock tour details and inscription protocol

Meeting 3
• Track build and derig review (TMP presentation)
• Residents VIP Pit Lane Tour details and inscription protocol
• Event Programming review
• City Gate Tower 1 Parking review and parking pass distribution

Meeting 4
After misinformation notice, we have organised an emergency meeting to review the event proposal with the residents. Should any meetings be requested, OSS will assure that a meeting be organised within 7 days of the notice to address the topics at hand.

Online Information

The relevant information for the in-person meetings will be added 10 business days before the dates above. This will help residents and the community come prepared to the meetings.

Call Center

The call center is another resource that can guide the community. Well trained in client service, they will be able to guide the caller either to the website community page or provide the answers directly.

Information Pamphlet

Although the conversation with the FCRA have been very open and fruitful, we must make sure that the community around the Olympic Village, and around the BC Place are well informed. Along with the City of Vancouver, we will identify the buildings that need a direct communication. A simple pamphlet with the main information of the event, build, and derig will be sent to those buildings. The pamphlet will also have a link to the website where the information with the Traffic Management Plan and other measures are communicated.

Event Impact Mitigation Measures

24h/7 Access to Resources

We will have an emergency line that will be opened 24hr/7 with access to communications with key stakeholders and suppliers to support any concerns from the surrounding residents. The number will be announced as part of the Emergency Protocols presentation.

City Gate Tower 1 Parking Procedures

To reduce the impact of the event on the City Gate Tower 1, OSS will offer an alternative parking to the residents of the tower. 2 shuttles (Mercedes Sprinter 12 passengers) will be posted at the end points. One at the alternative parking, and the other on Terminal av. and Quebec St. If a driver needs to move a resident, the other driver will be advised to do the same to provide both points with service. 150 parking stalls will be available. Another alternative is for the resident to park inside the City Gate Tower 1. During the 3rd meeting, the residents from the City Gate Tower 1 will be handed vehicle passes that will give them access to the alternative parking or the track access to get to the City Gate Tower 1 parking.

Residents VIP Pit Lane Tour

To show recognition to all the residents, we will invite them to come tour the Pit Lane. The residents will be able to see the Formula E cars from up close. They will be able to meet the teams and some of the Drivers as they will get a unique experience. The VIP Pit Lane Tour access will be limited to the residents. Using the database from the Information Pamphlet distribution, we will invite them to register online at Each address will be given up to 4 passes for the tour. The passes will be active on the Canadian E-Fest App.

Creating the circuit for the community

As part of the efforts to give the circuit to the community, we will engage on a community contest to name the different parts of the Circuit. We will be divulging to the community two areas of the circuit that have been named after leaders of the community. The incentive is to engage with the broader community and make them apart of the event. The contest will be hosted on the Social Media networks related to the event.

Post-Race Strategy

Experience Survey

The day following the event, the community page will have a link to a Survey about the experience of the Communication, Build & Derig, and Event experience of the Event. The Survey will be used to prepare the topics for the Post-Mortem Meeting.

Post-Mortem Meeting

We will invite the community to engage with OSS and its members to discuss our Post Event Findings, and any raised concerns about the experience. From this meeting a report will be issued with the raised concerns and the proposed solutions for the following years.